Great news (especially for those of you longing for an afternoon class!)…another new class has landed in Queen’s Park! After a successful year over at 3 House Club in St Johns Wood, Julia Sobkowiak has brought Creative Movements classes and workshops to Movers & Shapers on Salusbury Road, Queen’s Park. We chatted to Julia to find out more.

Tell us a bit more about you and how you came to join Creative Movements
I studied social education in Germany, specialising in early childhood. During my studies, I was invited to run weekly movement and drama group classes for children and it was at this time that I became interested in how movement and story telling contributed so naturally to the learning process of children. This experience fitted perfectly with the ethos and energy of Creative Movements and inspired me ultimately to open my own franchise.

So what can we expect from the classes?
The sessions are carefully designed for each stage of development; each one is built around a topic containing a moral or theme for the children to explore, discuss, enact, and enjoy! They are encouraged to participate in movement and story telling to encourage creativity, curiosity and independent thought.

Can you give us an idea of the benefits children can get from attending? 
The classes help them to:

> build solid foundations for literacy through storytelling
> explore and develop their imagination
> use role play to consider and understand consequences of behaviour
> gain strength and confidence through movement, both physically and emotionally
> learn to question, communicate, challenge and accept others by working in groups

We’re sold! Where and when can we find your classes?
The classes take place on Monday afternoons at Movers & Shapers, Salusbury Road, at the following times:

3:30 – 4pm – 15 months – 2 years
4:00 – 4:30pm – 3-4 years

Classes cost £7 and you can book online here.

In addition to classes and workshops, Julia offers fantastic parties using a wide variety of themes, or, for an additional fee, based on a story of your choice. The atmosphere created is memorable both for the child and family and friends. To find out more about classes, workshops and parties, you can reach Julia at 07454 336632, or at