Flip Out Brent Cross

Have you been to Flip Out Brent Cross yet?  If not, it’s about time you tried as it’s the most advanced trampoline arena, trick park and ninja skills centre in the UK! The arena boasts a wide range of energy busting things to do and is great for all ages (kids and adults alike).

The Mini Flipper sessions for the under 5’s are held between 9am – 3pm every week day during term time – and what’s more, the parent/guardian gets to jump for free! These fun and popular sessions help build both confidence and physical strength, such as balancing for toddlers – whilst being full of energetic fun. In addition, there’s a designated area for under 5s available at all times, so you’re not restricted to any particular time slots and can keep your little ones safe and entertained at any time convenient to you.

If you’re looking for an energising activity for your kids after school or nursery, trampolining at Flip Out ticks all the boxes.  It’s a fantastic way to keep your kids moving, whilst helping to improve their mental wellbeing as they grow in confidence, enjoy lots of laughs and make some brilliant memories.  Beats the TV any day!

The Kids Eat Drink Jump package is perfect as you pay only £12.50 for an hour’s session followed by a kids’ pizza and cordial (available weekdays 4-7pm for ages 1-14). Plus, you get away with no washing up that evening… Bliss!

For the slightly older children (min height 1.2m), the Ninja Warrior course (as seen on TV) is the height of excitement as kids get to test their agility and nimbleness as they make their way round the course.   We’re told it still leaves the Flip Out team speechless when they see kids mastering the course again and again!

The Laser Maze tests one’s stealth skills (and makes everyone think they’re the next big star in Mission Impossible!); there’s a foam pit to plunge into and a battle beam where you can practise those balancing skills; and for the even more adventurous, there’s also a trick park to try out new eye popping stunts. With free parking and a café plus a sky lounge for arena views, Flip Out is a must-visit destination for any age.

Last but not least – the experiential Earth, Water and Wind themed party rooms are sensational. It seems that word is getting around and kids all want their next party at Flip Out Brent Cross. Expect a forest canopy or the feeling of being underwater; or even the calming sounds of wind chimes.

Check out Flip Out’s weekly calendar to see what exciting things are happening every week or check out the packages online www.flipout.co.uk/brent-cross

If you would like to speak to someone for more information, call 020 8050 2391


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